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Writer’s Block

I guess one of the biggest headache that writ­ers or blog­gers have nowa­days are the sud­den hit of ‘blank­ness’ when it comes to writ­ing some­thing.

Before blog­gers are com­mer­cial­ly known, it was called the writer’s block.

Any­ways, I have a few things that I have in my mind right now, sev­er­al that could be blog wor­thy, but I doubt that I would want to pen them down. Rea­son because it might be a lit­tle too short to be a blog wor­thy post.

Now, some might thing that I am too lazy to strike up a post or 2. Well, maybe I am but I dis­sent that I am. I was just afraid that I might digress into some­thing else, like most of the time.

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