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Worried about David

It rained again.

Again, it is always the rain that would put me into deep thoughts.

It feels like the rain might have some super pow­er over me I don’t know.

I was hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with David, when he told me that he already got a boy friend now. I should have thought better.

Read­ing Apol­lo David’s post on being kind, I felt the same sit­u­a­tion is bestow upon me.

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The failed friendship

My wor­ries final­ly catch up with me. After our attempt to lure David into our three­some act, my wor­ries was about Har­ry; whether can he accept our ‘extra cur­ric­u­lar’ activity

It has been three days since I have heard from Har­ry. The last time I talked with him was when he was on his way back to his home­town (school hol­i­days and all) and he final­ly had time to get online. He did not men­tion any­thing much, and I thought every­thing is fine.

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Skating Rink

Skating Rink

Skat­ing rink, I love them, I hate them.

It was one of those days when I was at Pyra­mid Ice. I cap­tured this pic­ture with my iPhone, and thought the guy was pret­ty good looking.

I don’t know, but I have been always in the lik­ing for some­one that is younger than me. My friends say that I like them you, I guess.

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Why can’t we just get along?

I don’t know why is this always hap­pen­ing. The main ques­tion is, why can’t we just get along with each other?

On the faith­ful Sat­ur­day, we were sup­posed to catch a musi­cal play. I mean, we haven done that before, and I thought it would be some­thing new for us, some­thing nice and some­thing dif­fer­ent. Look­ing at the clock, bare­ly 3 more hours before I pick him up, wait­ing anx­ious­ly and watch­ing the clock tick.

Then, my ex boy friend called me and need me to help him some­thing. His com­put­er had got prob­lems, and I thought of giv­ing him that help­ing hand. I told my boy friend about it, just as a habit of let­ting him know my whereabouts.

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Okay, I am not offi­cial­ly wor­ried yet, but I am very very wor­ried right now and my mind is think­ing those that are not necessary.

I met up with Lester just now; we had a small argu­ment, and I pre­fer to talk with him face to face instead of just exchang­ing words on MSN, things can get real­ly ugly when you chat on MSN, sometimes.

So, I went over to pick up L, he got to go back for din­ner by 8, and I picked him up by 7. Reached home about 15 min­utes lat­er, and we start­ed talk­ing about issues that we are facing.

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