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Job Interview

Last Thurs­day was a great day for me.

Well, some may know that I am not active­ly look­ing for anoth­er job. Active­ly mean­ing that I send my resumes all around, mak­ing calls all around and such. Yes I am search­ing, just not actively.

A cou­ple of days ago, I received a call from this head hunter com­pa­ny see­ing if I am inter­est­ed to work with this solu­tion provider com­pa­ny. I thought why not just give it a try, and see how far can I go. Now, I have been head hunt­ed many times over the past few weeks, but so far noth­ing had caught my inter­est yet, or noth­ing had caught any­one’s inter­est yet.

So I took half day’s leave, and went over. The meet­ing was set at 2.

It was not a easy place to miss, they have their own build­ing build right smack of town. 5 Floors.

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Lazy for work

It is the 2nd day that I have left my office with­out any notice.

I need­ed to take the time off for the time being. Need to rest the soul as they say.

Coin­ci­dent­ly, yes­ter­day I was at Pavil­ion’s Star­bucks when I got online. I saw a bunch of friends that I had not met for a very long time.

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