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The Malaysian Politics

I am here now, lying down on the firm and com­fort­able hotel bed, exhaust­ed and yet ‘enjoy­ful’ typ­ing this entry of the blog post.

I have been out of the coun­try for a very long time, that I have lost count already. My pass­port has been abused and harassed numer­ous times, that I think that abuse might turn into an enjoy­ment. One do won­der, do the cus­tom’s offi­cers enjoyed spank­ing the on the vis­i­tor’s pass­ports when they embark into the country.

Here I am, in Welling­ton, New Zealand. I must say, I have met a lot of peo­ple from all over the world, From Argenti­na, to Brazil right up to New Zealand.

I could say that I can’t wait to get back to Malaysia, back to my not so clos­et self, back to all the hyp­o­crit­i­cal peo­ple, back to all that polit­i­cal bull­shits. Yes, I have been fol­low­ing the Per­ak by-elec­tions, and I can tell you, I think these idiots should just do the world a favor, and bury them­selves. Con­tin­ue Reading →

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Pornographic Dolls?

I find the sto­ry pub­lished by The Star hilarious.

Porno­graph­ic dolls? Why can’t they just call it the sex dolls? I mean, give me a break, thse kin­da nov­el­ty stores has been in Malaysia for the longest time, think I Need House, think the shop that I bought the springy con­doms, think the Con­dom shop in Sri Petaling.

I guess Mohd Rizal Abidin must be liv­ing in a cave or some­thing. Per­haps he is just plain ignorant?

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