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Tattoo Party In KL!

I like tat­toos. I think Tat­toos are sexy.

You just have to agree that tat­toos on twinks and young guys are real­ly sexy. I have met a cou­ple of some of these nice­ly tat­tooed indi­vid­u­als, and can’t help star­ing at their nice­ly done tattoos.

I too have a few tat­toos around my body. I got them many years ago, and am proud of it. Dur­ing the years when I first got it done, I get numer­ous stares from peo­ple dis­ap­prov­ing the act. Now that tat­toos are seen as a form of art, using the body as the can­vas, peo­ple are slow­ly accept­ing it as a culture.

Imag­ine this, going to a club where major­i­ty of the peo­ple there sports one or two tat­toos danc­ing on the dance floor with the groove of the vet­er­an DJ. Imag­ine this tak­ing place right at the heart of KL’s night life.

S.I.N is orga­niz­ing for the first time in KL, called the ‘KL Ink’ event. Event starts at 10 P.M and if you show them your tat­too, you can get free entry with­out cov­er charge. For those that has got their tat­too in some obliv­i­ous places, per­haps a RSVP to the Face­book Event could get you an entry. This is def­i­nite­ly an event not to be missed if you are those that fan­cies tattoos.

Spec Body Art will also be giv­ing out 10% dis­count vouch­ers to ear­ly birds. So do drop by S.I.N this Fri­day if you have noth­ing at your agen­da, more impor­tant­ly, drop by S.I.N if you think you have a cool tat­too because you might be one to go home with a bot­tle of Abso­lut Vodka!

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Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

The out­ing to Mar­ket­place was def­i­nite­ly the first time expe­ri­ence for me. Tuck away from the usu­al ‘hot spots’ of bars and drunk­ards. Nice­ly com­posed with the Petronas Twin Tow­ers at the back­ground, Mar­ket­Place KL is sit­u­at­ed at Lorong Yap Kuan Seng. Tuck with­in the city, it is a makeshift 2 sto­ry bun­ga­low. The sub­tle light­ing from the near­by tow­ers give it a glow, one would then won­der, how much does Petronas pay for their elec­tric­i­ty bill.

The night start­ed when we decid­ed to head over to SIN, I was hav­ing the assump­tion that it was a ‘Madon­na’ event since I was exclu­sive­ly invit­ed by the man­ag­er them­selves. Sad­ly, sil­ly me made a mis­take, it was a Under­wear Mod­el theme on Sat­ur­day, and ‘Madon­na’ was the day before. Under­wear theme would be fun, drool­ing over almost naked mod­els does send the mind into the fan­ta­sy land.

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