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The Bottom


I had always love a nice, err bot­tom. Bot­tom in this sce­nario being the ‘fea­ture’ of the male, and not the role of a homo­sex­u­al relationship.

But being gay is not all about sex. I nev­er real­ly believe in sex as I think it is well over­rat­ed. Being in a good rela­tion­ship requires patience, under­stand­ing and a lit­tle bit of perseverance.

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Remembering The Boy

I could not put myself togeth­er to clean up the bulk of things that I kept in the store.

It was the mem­o­ries; mem­o­ries of you in my heart for that short peri­od of time that we were together.

Remem­ber the time when I went over to your place, and then we start­ed send­ing text mes­sages to each oth­er express­ing our inter­est? Remem­ber the time when you sneak out from school to come see me because you said you miss see­ing me?

It was nev­er easy let­ting you go; I have learn that some­times it is always best to let things go in order for us to con­tin­ue mov­ing forward.

Look­ing back at the things that was in the store made me think­ing. What was it that made us togeth­er despite our differences.

I can’t find a reason.

It’s time now, to let it all go.

Maybe you still have a small spot in my heart, but for now, I think I still have space to store things up under my bed.

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Thinking of the boy

I thought I would have for­got­ten him, but the inci­dent on a Sat­ur­day night in Kuala Lumpur just proves how much I still care about him, and how much I real­ly missed him.

It was that time when I was walk­ing in to the club, hop­ing to see some ran­dom cute boys that I stum­bled upon a famil­iar face.

It was him, the boy that I was cry­ing for for the past one and a half years, the boy that I had put my every­thing, the boy that I missed so much, that I still have his pic­tures on my com­put­er desktop.

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