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The gay casanova

I am sure we all heard, about that homo­sex­u­al guy rap­ing and rob­bing from fel­low gay people.

I got to admit, I am dis­gust­ed by his acts. Not only you are rob­bing them off their vir­gin­i­ty and prop­er­ties, you have also put in a scar that will scar them for life, STD.

I had a lot of thoughts on this, but I do not know how to put it into words. Con­tin­ue Reading →

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Gang Bang

I am sad, angry, and a few more oth­er feel­ings that I do not know how to put into words.

You see, in my blog­ging days, I get to know a lot of peo­ple, gay guys, gay twinks, gay mus­cu­lar boys, and etc. In that jour­ney, I also got to know peo­ple that take advan­tage of gay boys, ie those that spike drinks, and bring them for a ride lat­er on.

I don’t call these my friends thought; mere­ly acquaintance.

Gang bang

No mat­ter how much I might be joy­ing look­ing at videos of boys being fucked by a group of peo­ple, I had always imag­ined that these ‘short films’ are planned, and there was always a ‘direc­tor’ behind it.

I was dead wrong, when I saw one of these ‘short film’ fea­tur­ing a friend of mine, a straight friend, 17 year old, from Kota Kinabalu.

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