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Andrew, Part 2

Andrew, if you would remem­ber him.

I first met him dur­ing one of those stint that I had him over at my place.

Hey, are you free tonight? I am horny. I want your cock inside me.”

It was a late mes­sage from Andrew that I receive that night. It was almost 2 am on a work day morn­ing.

To get to Andrew’s place would require about 30 min­utes of trav­el­ling time. Andrew had a room mate in that night, and could not accom­mo­date me. After a few mes­sages exchanged, we decid­ed to try some­thing a lit­tle wild, by doing it at the apart­men­t’s stairs.

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Andrew, Part 1

It start­ed with a one night stand; he mes­saged me and asked if he could come over for the night as his land­lord had to pull back his room last minute.

It was the ulti­mate fan­ta­sy that I have. A sleep over, and then I put my dick into him when he is asleep.

It hap­pened that night. We were rolling on the bed, then he felt asleep.  He was naked, with his bub­ble butt exposed to the chill air in the room. 

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Making love with Jenn

I talked about how I have met Jenn. Of recent days, i sud­den­ly thought of him.

Blame Sex in the City for that.

I was on the bed the day before, think­ing back the same moment when I had Jenn with me. I remem­bered we had a very good chat. He being chat­ty, and per­haps me in the mood. The atmos­phere in the car that night was very live­ly, if I were to make com­par­i­son with the oth­er nights with oth­er strangers.

It was a very plea­sur­able ride on that night. I don’t exact­ly remem­ber what was it that we talked about, but I am sure Jenn did not touch on the sen­si­tive issues.

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