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I think I am get­ting annoyed more often these days. I don’t know; per­haps there are more idiots lurk­ing around than we actu­al­ly realized.

Exam­ple one.

Will send you a mes­sage on a net­work­ing site, “care to be friends?” with the sub­ject title, “i”

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MSN Conversations

The ban­ter of post­ing your email on a blog is hav­ing some anony­mous peo­ple adding you on MSN.

Well the back­hand­ed com­pli­ment part is that, they ask exact­ly the ques­tions that you have for­bid to answer. Ques­tions and ques­tions that make you seem like you were just some answer­ing machine answer­ing questions.

I like meet­ing peo­ple from the inter­net. In fact if things could bring me back a cou­ple of years, the amount of peo­ple that I have met on the inter­net were just overwhelming.

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Chatting on MSN

I real­ly hate it when peo­ple come tell me they don’t recog­nise the pic­ture I put on MSN. Or they do not remem­ber me because I have alleged­ly changed my MSN name. They will go, “Can you intro again please?” or worst, the minor­i­ty who is une­d­u­cat­ed, “who r u?”.

Some absurb ones will go, “Show me your pic­ture, then I am sure I will remem­ber you.”

Weird, because if I do not have the habit of dis­play­ing my pic­ture on MSN, then how would show­ing my pic­ture for the very first time will make sure you remem­ber me?

Any­ways, I love chat­ting on MSN, does­n’t mat­ter if you put your own dis­play pic­ture or not. I also tries to remem­ber who you are, your name and where are you from. I rename my MSN con­tacts and I think that is the best way to go about it.

These are the few peo­ple that I often chat with, and they have real­ly cute and love­able dis­play pic­tures, Need I say more?

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