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Jail bait

There is noth­ing that screams jail bait when it comes to pos­ing pho­tos of young boys.

But there is of course the case where the said young boy is just young by his looks, but not by his age. I had always liked the baby­faced, inno­cent look­ing boys. More evi­dent­ly if they sport a few pierc­ings and per­haps some tat­toos; Tat­toos turns me on.

Tat­toos are sup­posed to make a per­son look mature, if not old­er. But some­how with Ash Stymest, a Briton lad who got dis­cov­ered by Hedi Sli­mane has just the right pro­por­tion of everything.

Being the top 25 mod­el on Model.com is not easy. Not only that, Ash­ley Stymest is also fea­tured in Vogue where his debut was in Vogue Hommes Japan. Talk about being a celebrity.

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