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Malaysia to ban Facebook

Some­times you ought to owe it to the Malaysian gov­ern­ment when some­thing as hilar­i­ous as this hap­pens; to make our Mon­day blues dis­ap­pear.

I won­der what is it this time. Could it be because of [Alviss Kong’s sui­cide note](http://www.cedricang.com/personal/alviss-kong-suicide-note-20101209/ “Alviss Kong Sui­cide note”) that now the gov­ern­ment is afraid of more copy­cats emerg­ing and express­ing their feel­ings on Face­book before the attempt to cause griev­ous hurt to them­selves or was it because of the recent uncov­ered slan­der that put Malaysia in the world head­line. Should we all be scream­ing cov­er up now?

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