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The failed threesome

A care­ful plan was draft­ed out with Har­ry. The plan was to get David to Har­ry’s house, and then we try to seduce him with kiss­es, and hugs and see if we could get David aroused.

It worked up pret­ty okay at first. I went over to Har­ry’s place to pick his sleepy ass up, then went over to David’s to pick him up. We want­ed to head over to my place because it was a lit­tle too ear­ly to do the shop­ping that Har­ry want­ed to do. Con­tin­ue Reading →

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Same Subject, Different Day

My mind is almost blank, but yet there is this feel­ing inside me that makes me want to shout out to the world that I have a lot on my mind, and yet still empty.

Yes, maybe I do not know how to put things in words. Maybe I am just con­fused of the cer­tain feel­ings that I have right now, maybe it was just nothing.

His voice still echoes deep inside. I could still hear him say­ing things to me. Was it just my imag­i­na­tion, or just mere­ly because I missed him so much?

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I can feel a hot one

I could feel a hot one tak­ing me down 
For a moment, I could feel the force
Faint­ed to the point of tears
And you were hold­ing on to make a point
What’s the point?

I’m but a clean man, sta­ble and alone man
Make it so I won’t have to try
The faces always stay the same
So I face the fact that I’m just fine
I said that I’m just fine

I remem­ber, head down,
After you had found out
Man­na is a hell of a drug
And I need a lit­tle more, I think
Because enough is nev­er quite enough
What’s enough?

I took it like a grown man cry­ing on the pavement
Hop­ing you would show your face
But I haven’t heard a thing you’ve said
In at least a cou­ple hun­dred days
What’d you say?

I was in the front seat, shak­ing it out
And I was ask­ing if you felt alright
I nev­er want to hear the truth
I want to hear your voice, it sound­ed fine
My voice, it sound­ed fine

I could feel my heart­beat tak­ing me down
And for the moment, I would sleep alright
Invad­ing with a self­ish fear
To keep me up anoth­er rest­less night
Anoth­er rest­less night

The blood was dry, it was sober
The feel­ing of audi­ble cracks
And I could tell it was over
From the cur­tains that hung from your neck

And I real­ized that then you were perfect
And my teeth rip­ping out of my head
And it looked like a paint­ing I once knew
Back when my thoughts weren’t entire­ly intact

To pray for what I thought were angels
End­ed up being ambulances
And the Lord showed me dreams of my daughter
She was cry­ing inside your stomach

And I felt love again

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Skating Rink

Skating Rink

Skat­ing rink, I love them, I hate them.

It was one of those days when I was at Pyra­mid Ice. I cap­tured this pic­ture with my iPhone, and thought the guy was pret­ty good looking.

I don’t know, but I have been always in the lik­ing for some­one that is younger than me. My friends say that I like them you, I guess.

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