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The Gay Species

Boy Love

It’s true that they say we humans are afraid of things that we do not know or do not understand.

Take alge­bra for exam­ple, how much we hate it, how much we dis­like it, how much we feared it; Once we got the basics, we are glad that we know it.

Clos­et­ed gays are afraid to come out from the clos­et because of how the soci­ety look at them. How would you feel when a friend open­ly tease about two boys hold­ing hands while you two hang out togeth­er? I sure­ly would not want to come out to him or let known that I am inter­est­ed in boys.

Lucky I don’t have such friends.

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Gay Circle

The gay cir­cle just come on so sur­re­al to me again.

Well, it was just this after­noon that some­one sent me a mes­sage. I only remem­ber him as one of my god broth­er’s boy friend. The oth­er day, I saw them togeth­er in The Curve when I was with L. Well I did not rec­og­nize John’s boy friend, but his name is Vincent.

Now, I did not know that both of them were togeth­er, but when Vin­cent spoke about my ex boy friend, like how my ex boy friend had used me to sat­is­fy his finan­cial needs, it occurs to me who Vin­cent was.

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Turning into a new leaf

Well, pri­or to pen­ning down this entry, I have been think­ing over and over about the ‘con­se­quences’ that I have caused for the past few days.

I have got­ten a many emails, dis­ap­prov­ing my ‘act’ of post­ing nudes of guys that I have pho­tographed. Mind you that these are not con­sid­ered porno­graph­ic in the inter­na­tion­al law, and more­over I am total­ly com­pli­ant of my Terms Of Ser­vice with my provider (they allow adult materials).

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