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My Getaway

While many do not know, but I have been trav­el­ing around for quite some time now before I land­ed on New York to con­tin­ue with my stud­ies.

Since ear­ly Sep­tem­ber 2008, after I had land­ed in Bangkok, Thai­land, I have been wan­der­ing around. The rea­son was that it was exact­ly a year before that that I have met with The Boy.

I was packed with min­i­mal lug­gage, I do buy sou­venirs but I send them back home from each des­ti­na­tion I vis­it.

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The mistake

I could not sleep this morn­ing until 4 am. The bright moon light from the New York’s cityscape peek­ing through my win­dow on my face.

I tried very hard to fall asleep.

The thought of us togeth­er got me awake. Ever since you found your­self in some­one else’s arms, I have been think­ing about you day and night.

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If you could read this post, it means that I have moved to anoth­er serv­er.

Yes, no more that bull­shit from Blog­ger, at least this way I can write freely with­out the fear of my blog gets delet­ed.

Of course, spe­cial thank to my sweet­heart Eugene for mak­ing this pos­si­ble, thank you to my love­ly god broth­er to help me to import my entries and all the oth­er stuffs that I don’t know how to do.

And thank you the read­ers that has been keep­ing the blog by send­ing me regards via email and Face­book ask­ing me what hap­pened to it.

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A trip to Melaka

![Boy with black shirt](http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3203/2981670714_3091f52e32.jpg “Boy with black shirt”)

One of the most enjoy­able trip with [Bong](http://bongblongblog.blogspot.com/) and [Melvin](http://www.melvinfoong.com) is the peo­ple watch­ing. Bong ref­ered that as his new hob­by.

That’s right, we went to Mela­ka togeth­er, the place there the Dutch get hunt­ed, and the Malays gets fucked and became the Baba and the Nyonya.

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