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Holding hands

Holding Hands

One of the nice things in a rela­tion­ship is hold­ing hands.

I like to hold the boy’s hands. Whether is it in the car, or just gen­er­al­ly giv­ing him that brisk hug that he deserves.

Hold­ing hands to me is the kind of phys­i­cal inti­ma­cy that is the kind of expres­sion of feel­ings that I have for the boy. It gives the means of being present in that some­one’s per­son­al space. I hold hands with the boy, is because I want to share the things that he has, the per­son­al space.

Hold­ing hands sig­ni­fi­cates the affec­tion that I have to the boy.

Of recent, the boy has been avoid­ing hold­ing my hand. Not to say total­ly avoid, but rather, with lit­tle response when I try to hold his hand…

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