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Harry is back

I guess some things are start­ing to get bet­ter now.

Har­ry MSN’ed me the oth­er day. I was sur­prised to say the least; I had fig­ured out it is either of the two things. One, Har­ry had bro­ken up with the boy friend, or two Har­ry want­ed to scold me for some­thing, or both of it.

I was right, they broke up.

In fact, Har­ry had broke up a few weeks ago, and had been dat­ing this guy that I know.

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The H1N1 near death experience


I thought I had always imag­ined the scene of the movie Out­break; dark, creepy, met­al-framed bed of a med­ical facil­i­ty with some­one in a bright flo­res­cent pro­tec­tive suit mum­bling some­thing through the build in microphone.

Arriv­ing at New York not too long ago, I nev­er thought it would be that easy for me to catch the flu virus. I had pre packed N95 masks, plen­ty of hand san­i­tiz­ers, and even make sure the place where I sleep are clean from the virus by anti bac­te­ria sprays, and I spray on my body lots of D&G fra­grance (alco­hol kills germs, you see).

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Worried about David

It rained again.

Again, it is always the rain that would put me into deep thoughts.

It feels like the rain might have some super pow­er over me I don’t know.

I was hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with David, when he told me that he already got a boy friend now. I should have thought better.

Read­ing Apol­lo David’s post on being kind, I felt the same sit­u­a­tion is bestow upon me.

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The prank that went wrong

I tried so hard, I real­ly did.

It was a prank that I have pulled that went seri­ous­ly wrong.

At first, I thought I want­ed to see his reac­tion on how he would see things. Now, I guess I have to change my point of view to a whole new perspective.

I could not sleep last night. Pen­ning my last entry I was already exhaust­ed, per­haps with what has been going on for the past few months, per­haps with what has been going on late­ly. I tried to slot in hints on my Face­book, hints that I was­n’t ready for a long dis­tance rela­tion­ship. I am a ‘clos­et­ed’ per­son. Clos­et­ed not that I am not out, but a rather, I pre­fer to be close to some­one, the be able to hug the per­son, to kiss the per­son, and in return to be loved.

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