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Yet another fucking post

That sud­den urge, only to be sat­is­fied by a sud­den reap­pear­ance of a guy that I know.

This guy has been miss­ing from my MSN for months. The last time we had a decent con­ver­sa­tion we actu­al­ly planned a meet up soon ever since he had moved near­er to my place.  It did not turned out well due the the time con­flicts and all. On this one fine night when I was prepar­ing to bed, I saw this famil­iar name on my MSN sign­ing in.

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Twitter Boy name E

It was hard, but I could not under­stand the sever­i­ty of the sit­u­a­tion; not until it hit me again recently.

It was basi­cal­ly a plan for us to meet up, a friend of mine from Face­book whom I was very fond of. I am not sure how to explain in this sit­u­a­tion giv­en that sit­u­a­tion is faced by any­one else.

Heck, I could not have imag­ined the sit­u­a­tion myself.

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