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Are you positive, or negative?

Positive or Negative
The media calls it the influx of moral deca­dence, some peo­ple calls it God’s act to clean up the world.

HIV and AIDS has been in the world for almost 2 decades, com­ing to three. Yet, many peo­ple are still unaware, or just plain ignorant.

A boy once told me, HIV virus was formed when there by two indi­vid­u­al’s sperm mixed togeth­er. That is how HIV exist, and not the muta­tion of oth­er harm­less virus.

HIV, it is a very impor­tant key­word in the GLTB world, and yet it is also a taboo sub­ject. When I watch Queer as Folk to pass on time, HIV has been men­tion so many times, that it freaks me out.

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Review: Durex Love

It is not an easy task some­times to slip on a con­dom while you are already in the mood of mak­ing out with your lovers. How­ev­er, the thoughts and the lifestyle of casu­al sex nowa­days does war­rant for such pre­ven­tive measures.

I would not say that con­doms are a total­ly turn offs, in fact I think it is quite an expe­ri­ence if you could get your part­ner to put on a con­dom for you dur­ing fore­play before the actu­al act of sex­u­al intercourse.

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