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The Heart Breaking Moment

This post is pub­lished with­out proof­read­ing. If you are look­ing for a per­fect writ­ten post, you have come to the wrong page

I guess many had already known that I main­tain a few Face­book account.

On the recent event on Face­book, I had encoun­tered some­thing that had kept me awake, and not sure what to do.

It was mid­night yes­ter­day that I received a friend request. It was­n’t a friend request on Face­book that I would nor­mal­ly ignore, because this time, it was a per­son that I know from anoth­er account; A per­son that I had had great inter­est with before he mys­te­ri­ous­ly dis­ap­peared from my life.

I sent him a mes­sage, pre­tend­ing that I do not know him. Which is the right thing to do, I think. Even pri­or to that, I had thought of just ignor­ing the friend request, and move on. I spent the whole day think­ing about it, and could not reach a deci­sion. I mes­saged him.

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