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So that MIA thing­gy did not actu­al­ly go that far.

I could not explain why, but of recent, I have sel­dom think about The Boy. Yes, no more sleep­less night, cry­ing think­ing of him and stuff. I am glad, for once because I think I have final­ly con­quered the feel­ing of let­ting The Boy go.

Then, there is Har­ry that comes into picture.

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I must have been the most hap­pi­est guy on earth right now.

Indulging myself with the cake that David had bought me, it sent me into deep thoughts again.

Secret Recipe

I do won­der some­things, why can’t we as human being be nicer to each oth­er, and every­one is hap­py. Instead, we choose to have our self­less thoughts, putting our dif­fer­ences in front of us all the time, and often us that as an excuse to take grudge against one another.

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