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Of being in three

Once upon a time in the mag­i­cal land where I stay, a young boy fell in love.

It was love at first sight, for me and the boy. We were offi­cial­ly dat­ing since day one when we met, and I could eas­i­ly say that we seems like have know each oth­er since our past life. The boy was per­fect, artic­u­late, charm­ing, and the sex was amazing.

Late one night, I popped my fan­tasies to the boy. I had always want­ed to have a three­some sex.

Per­haps it is a cou­ple’s way to spice up the love life.

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Okay, I am not offi­cial­ly wor­ried yet, but I am very very wor­ried right now and my mind is think­ing those that are not necessary.

I met up with Lester just now; we had a small argu­ment, and I pre­fer to talk with him face to face instead of just exchang­ing words on MSN, things can get real­ly ugly when you chat on MSN, sometimes.

So, I went over to pick up L, he got to go back for din­ner by 8, and I picked him up by 7. Reached home about 15 min­utes lat­er, and we start­ed talk­ing about issues that we are facing.

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