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Having HIV?

Love Box

I used to buy a lot of condoms.

No, I do not use them. Well, maybe once or twice, but very seldom.

Con­doms to me are nev­er a mix. I dis­like the smell, I dis­like the ‘action’ of hav­ing to take off the con­dom after a good fuck. Most peo­ple would want to just rest after a good 3 hours of bed­ding ses­sion, I would appre­ci­ate that too.

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Are you positive, or negative?

Positive or Negative
The media calls it the influx of moral deca­dence, some peo­ple calls it God’s act to clean up the world.

HIV and AIDS has been in the world for almost 2 decades, com­ing to three. Yet, many peo­ple are still unaware, or just plain ignorant.

A boy once told me, HIV virus was formed when there by two indi­vid­u­al’s sperm mixed togeth­er. That is how HIV exist, and not the muta­tion of oth­er harm­less virus.

HIV, it is a very impor­tant key­word in the GLTB world, and yet it is also a taboo sub­ject. When I watch Queer as Folk to pass on time, HIV has been men­tion so many times, that it freaks me out.

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Outdoor Sex, Part 2

If you have not catch the first part of the sto­ry, you need to read it to under­stand the whole situation.

My sud­den ‘freeze’ motion had trig­gered Jay to stop his hump­ing, and his dick slow­ly shrink into bite size. Blocked from the view, Jay could not tell what is wrong, but only to his instinct that we are in trou­ble. My body lan­guage had trig­ger him to freak out togeth­er with me.

I had wish it was a pussy, or a rat or some­thing. Instead, it was a live­ly human fig­ure that stood there. Both of us freak out. Jay’s cock was total­ly flac­cid and it slipped off my mouth and exposed to the chill morn­ing air.

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Outdoor sex

After get­ting a lit­tle sober from the abun­dance of drinks that [night in MarketPlace](http://www.cedricang.com/a/personal/marketplace-kuala-lumpur-20080629/ Club­bing in Mar­ket­Place”), we adjourne back home. After drop­ping Frankie back to his place, we (me and Jay) start­ed to inch our way back.

Pri­or to our ‘club­bing’ night, Jay had agreed that we have a lit­tle fun by our­self. Ever since he broke up with his boy friend a year ago, he had not had any encoun­ters with any­one. That’s what he told me.

Jay is quite pop­u­lar on the dance floor that night. Many hugs were exchanged, which I think they know Jay. See­ing that these most peo­ple are pret­ty good look­ing ones, I was feel­ing a lit­tle jealous.

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