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Having HIV?

Love Box

I used to buy a lot of condoms.

No, I do not use them. Well, maybe once or twice, but very seldom.

Con­doms to me are nev­er a mix. I dis­like the smell, I dis­like the ‘action’ of hav­ing to take off the con­dom after a good fuck. Most peo­ple would want to just rest after a good 3 hours of bed­ding ses­sion, I would appre­ci­ate that too.

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Review: Durex Orange

While not many peo­ple would aware that Durex do also pro­duce fla­vored con­doms, these con­doms are only avail­able out­side of Malaysia per­haps due to the con­servertive Malaysian Government.

In a black box they come in, some of the orange scent escape from the box when you opened it. Comes in a strip of 5, it was more than enough to give it a try.

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Review: Playsafe Condoms

For those who had bought and tried this type of con­dom would prob­a­bly tell you that it sucks.

I keep on for­get­ting about this par­tic­u­lar brand of con­dom, main­ly because when I do get this brand, it was either I was in mid­dle of no where, or was rush­ing for time.

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