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Unpredictable Monday

What­ev­er deci­sions that I make now, would deter­mine what would hap­pen in the rela­tion­ship between us.

It was a nor­mal Mon­day morn­ing for me to start off with. Ants were all over my work desk for some unknown rea­sons, my note­book’s pow­er adapter was turned off, and my note­book was force­ful­ly shut off, leav­ing me with less two hours of pro­duc­tion work. How else can you start off a Mon­day?

A cup of nice warm milk cof­fee lat­er, the boy mes­saged me. I had want­ed to drop by to Gar­dens tomor­row evening to grab a USB charg­er for the boy; he had mis­placed it. I told him about my plans the week­end before, and the boy did not want to fol­low, I found it odd that sud­den­ly he asked me about it.

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