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Merry Christmas

Christ­mas is sup­posed to be a hap­py thing, a joy­ful thing.

Ever since the breakup with The Boy, Christ­mas has nev­er been the same.

Mer­ry Christ­mas to all, and espe­cial­ly to you, my boy.

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Pre Christmas Party

I remem­ber on my last Christ­mas, I was hav­ing so much fun that I wished every­day is still Christmas.

Beside receiv­ing and giv­ing away gifts, last year was total­ly awe­some for me as I have real­ly enjoyed myself, and not to men­tioned par­ty the whole night long.

I was sup­posed to fol­low some of my friends to par­ty along in some beach clubs in Penang. How­ev­er, just on the eve of Christ­mas last year, I got an invi­ta­tion from KL, and the guy was will­ing to fly me to KL from Penang.

Of course, there was no need to men­tion that he is actu­al­ly quite wealthy, and spend­ing mon­ey is like nobody’s busi­ness to him. He is quite a socia­ble char­ac­ter him­self, which gives him the charis­ma to min­gle around with almost anyone.

I liked him because he does not seem to be some­one that would use the mon­ey that fills up his pock­et to sleep with peo­ple. In fact, he respects the peo­ple that he moves around with, espe­cial­ly with me, I noticed.

Could it be because he liked me? I found out lat­er that day, after my arrival at KLIA (I was fly­ing MAS, from Penang to KL, not AirAsia)

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