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The friend

I remem­ber there was this one time where I have post­ed some­thing about being fake. I don’t under­stand though, just because I pre­fer not to have my pic­tures post­ed online, I am auto­mat­i­cal­ly called a ‘fak­er’. When I do, and when I post­ed an old pic­ture of myself, I am called a ‘fak­er’.

Then, when oth­er peo­ple post celebri­ty pic­tures as their pro­file pic­tures, they are not being fake. Why is that so? I hard­ly could com­pre­hend. I fig­ured, if the said per­son is using a pic­ture that is not his own, but of a celebri­ty, he is spared from the pub­lic per­se­cu­tion, but how­ev­er if the said per­son is using a pic­ture of anoth­er per­son who isn’t quite as famous, is he then a fak­er. Does that make sense? Con­tin­ue Read­ing →

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