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The Zoo Adventure

It came to me sud­den­ly, per­haps because I was a lit­tle horny; Have you ever thought of the excite­ment or plea­sure of hav­ing sex in pub­lic, or rather, hav­ing sex in a zoo?

It was a fan­tas­tic out­ing on that Sat­ur­day evening when we decid­ed to head over to the Zoo. The weath­er was just right, although it would be bet­ter if it was­n’t too humid. The sky seems a lit­tle gloomy that it felt like rain is going to fall right on our head soon.

Find­ing for the park­ing only leads us to the dead end. The park­ing area was so hideous that we missed it at the first glance.

Besides the noisy idiots that could not iden­ti­fy the male lions and the female lions, the zoo was qui­et. Birds are chirp­ing, the rat is enjoy­ing steal­ing food from the birds, the young deer over there is enjoy­ing the atten­tion that I am giv­ing.

Whilst I was busy focus­ing my cam­era on that jun­gle cat, I felt a warm breath on my neck. Slow­ly, some­thing grabbed me from behind.

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