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Morning at Kanata’s room

This is a con­tin­u­a­tion of my pre­vi­ous post, Night in a Japan­ese Gay Bar

It was morn­ing in Japan when you can hear birds chirp­ing. The morn­ing sun peeked from the cur­tain, and shine in to Kanata’s room.

Before I con­tin­ue, let me warn you that this post is going to be ‘expressed’; I will not be check­ing on my spellings, and I would not be both­ered if I am gram­mat­i­cal­ly right. At such ungod­ly hours, this is the best that I can do (and prob­a­bly laugh­ing at myself later)

I could feel Kanata’s breath land­ing on my face in the ear­ly spring morn­ing. I looked at Kanata’s closed eyes, I put out an arm, and tried to hold him clos­er to me.

In Bed
Pic­ture stolen from Nase

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Of being anal

Of late, I feel like the whole world had owed me something.

Per­haps I am still think­ing of the boy, per­haps I am still not too sure what am I up to, or per­haps, I am just ner­vous into get­ting into some­thing new.

Anal Lube Some­times maybe one need some form of lubri­ca­tion to smoothen things out. Just like the Anal Lube that I have got to play with sometimes.

I know, I have been get­ting annoyed on triv­ial things. Per­haps it was also this that had put the prob­lems into our head when I was with the boy.

Nonethe­less, I always hope that I am more patient when it comes to some­one as dear­ly as the boy, how­ev­er late it is now, I still wish that some day, we could be togeth­er again.

So back to Anal Lube. Seri­ous­ly, noth­ing. Just some soft of filler post for my almost vacant blog.

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