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I woke up in the morn­ing today to find out that I was alone at home. I made my way to the kitchen to make myself some break­fast; there was some left­over from last night.

While break­fast was being heat­ed up, some left­over meat­balls and spaghet­ti, I was hav­ing that weird feel­ing of being alone.

I put on some movies and tried to con­cen­trate, I can’t. Lunch time came, and the same thing hap­pen. Cooked myself lunch, tried to sit in front of that giant LCD TV that I bought myself, but I still could not con­cen­trate with what is going on on the TV.

Din­ner was the same, this time I gave up try­ing to put some­thing on the TV, and just stuffed my face with the food.

I had not logged in to my Face­book, my Twit­ter was left dor­mant. It’s not that I pur­pose­ly did that. More like when I want­ed to tweet about some­thing, no one replied to me, and I find it rather depressing.

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