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Having HIV?

Love Box

I used to buy a lot of condoms.

No, I do not use them. Well, maybe once or twice, but very seldom.

Con­doms to me are nev­er a mix. I dis­like the smell, I dis­like the ‘action’ of hav­ing to take off the con­dom after a good fuck. Most peo­ple would want to just rest after a good 3 hours of bed­ding ses­sion, I would appre­ci­ate that too.

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Are you positive, or negative?

Positive or Negative
The media calls it the influx of moral deca­dence, some peo­ple calls it God’s act to clean up the world.

HIV and AIDS has been in the world for almost 2 decades, com­ing to three. Yet, many peo­ple are still unaware, or just plain ignorant.

A boy once told me, HIV virus was formed when there by two indi­vid­u­al’s sperm mixed togeth­er. That is how HIV exist, and not the muta­tion of oth­er harm­less virus.

HIV, it is a very impor­tant key­word in the GLTB world, and yet it is also a taboo sub­ject. When I watch Queer as Folk to pass on time, HIV has been men­tion so many times, that it freaks me out.

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Judgement day; HIV test results

Well, I have final­ly done it. Due to L’s request pre­vi­ous­ly, and the require­ment to get a work per­mit in Sin­ga­pore, I went to PT for a HIV Screening.

To those that had sent me your best wish­es on IM, and those that asked me the results the moment I signed in, I tru­ly appre­ci­ate them. For the friends that called me, friends that had send me emails, I tru­ly love you all.

To a friend that sent me a video that he made, it real­ly made my day. Thanks too!

For those read­ers that reads my blog, I am still doing okay, and I am fine.

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A random post

When I am ner­vous, I tend to write a lot. Try­ing to get things off my head as far back as pos­si­ble. When I think too much, I get excit­ed, anx­ious and depres­sion then starts to kick in. It is not good for both myself, and the peo­ple that is sur­round­ing me; espe­cial­ly Lester.

If you haven notice, I have been start­ing to call L Lester in the blog. I think it is a good thing since Lester had already acknowl­edge it. I mean, there are a dozen of peo­ple with the name Lester any­ways, gay or not *smile*.

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Bumps and potholes in life

Life is just full of speed bumps and potholes.

Just when you thought every­thing would be okay, you set out your plans to embrace what is good to come, you then find out that in order to get a work per­mit in Sin­ga­pore requires you to have a med­ical check­up. Which means, a HIV test.

If you have fol­lowed my blog ear­ly enough, you would have read that I was con­tem­plat­ing into doing the test because I was scared and wor­ried. I was­n’t scared of the process, but more to anx­ious about the results.

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