The second coming

Sit­ting by the bal­cony, sip­ping on the ice cooled cof­fee lis­ten­ing to the beats of DJ Fuze on Hitz I began pon­der­ing about the events that hap­pened.

Dear, I just reached Sub­ang Jaya sta­tion. You can come pick me up now.”

It was a call from Jack, a boy that I had met on the Inter­net a few days ago. Jack is a sweet look­ing boy, stay­ing not too far away from me and we both liked each oth­er. The way he talk, the way he looked like and the way he dressed up. The call had woke me up from my sleep; I quick­ly dressed up, and head over to the sta­tion.

It was almost rain­ing when I was out from the house on the way to pick Jack up. I was wor­ried that I might not like Jack because pic­tures can tell lies, some­times. I reached the sta­tion and I could not find him, he was at the inside of the sta­tion. I saw him walk­ing towards me after I make a call to him and found him. He looked dif­fer­ent from the pic­ture that I saw, like I said, pic­ture tell lies some­times.

We went straight back home. I stripped him off his cloths, and he lied down on the bed.

I rubbed myself with a lay­er of lubri­cant, and entered him. It was easy, it was smooth. He gave a slight moan.

It was­n’t right. The feel­ing of pen­e­trat­ing Jack feels exact­ly like how it felt when I make love with The Boy. How could it be? It has been such a long time, I could have just for­got­ten how it feels like already. How long had we not had any­thing? Two years per­haps?

I was already exhaust­ed, and it got­ten more when we fin­ish our first ses­sion. Jack lie on my chest, and both of us fell asleep.

I felt some­thing on my nose. It was Jack play­ing with my nose, and it woke me up. Both of us were stalk naked as how we were first born. He put his head on my chest, with his tongue stick­ing out lick­ing my nip­ple. I stroked his hair in approval. He went down south, lick­ing my cock head slow­ly, and then the whole shaft. He then changed posi­tion, lift­ing my legs up for bet­ter access to my tes­ti­cles, and my love tun­nel.

It was ear­ly in the morn­ing and I got real­ly horny. I met this guy online who was com­ing down to KL from Genting. He was on his way to Uniten, but would not mind stop­ping by my house.

I direct­ed him to my house.

I did not like him the moment I start­ed to talk with him. He is ask­ing too many ques­tions.

I lie down on the bed wait­ing to be sucked and pen­e­trat­ed. Yes, I was horny, but I was­n’t up for fuck­ing some­one, I want­ed to be fucked. He first start­ed by work­ing on my nip­ples, it excites me every time. He work him­self to my cock, and then I got him a con­dom. He got a small cock, but just right per­haps for the amount of time that my love tun­nel spent unex­plored.

It was painful, not because of the sheer size, but rather the fric­tion from the latex. I pulled his cock out want­i­ng to pull off the con­dom. He com­plained that he have not cum yet. I was a lit­tle annoyed, and I kept qui­et. I smeared a lit­tle more lubri­cant and pulled him clos­er to me, it was heav­en­ly and he let out a real­ly loud moan, and com­ment.

He was bad in bed, real­ly bad. I changed posi­tion, and told him that I want to fuck him instead. I gloved up myself and pen­e­trat­ed him ignor­ing his com­plaints. When I was glov­ing up myself, he asked me to use back the con­dom that I threw on the floor. I guess his mis­in­formed brains did not reg­is­ter when they teach them con­doms are sin­gle use only.

I lube him up again after I gloved him. He pen­e­trat­ed me eas­i­er this time. Rock­ing back and forth, he came; in five min­utes.

Before he left, he asked me to call him when­ev­er I need a fuck. I guess this would be the first and the last time I will see him. My ass is still sore though.

Lick­ing my sore ass from the morn­ing encounter, it was rather sooth­ing. Then I remem­bered I had not clean up after the morn­ing encounter, I quick­ly pulled Jack up kiss­ing him on his lips.

We fucked again, and then cleaned up our­self and head out meet­ing my friends for din­ner.

Thomas called me up for a drink. I went over to where he was after I picked up anoth­er friend. I need­ed to talk to Thomas to update our lit­tle busi­ness adven­ture that we had.

This is Jack, my boy friend.”

My friends were sur­prised. To most of them, me and Thomas hav­ing this thing togeth­er. Thomas is straight, and will be straight; but things hap­pens some­times, and we are sort of offi­cial­ly see­ing each oth­er.

We went drink­ing, din­ner and walk­ing around. It was soon mid­night.

Jack was exhaust­ed from the out­ing. He col­lapsed imme­di­ate­ly after his show­er, and I lie down beside him hug­ging him from the back. He turned around giv­ing me a kiss on the cheek. We were both naked on the bed, Jack went straight to my cock, and shove the whole shaft to his mouth, and begin work­ing it.

Fuck me again, dear.”

He com­mand­ed.

I lube myself up, and this time, I took the ride slow­ly. I want­ed to have that same feel­ing again, that I was mak­ing love with The Boy. It felt that way, all the way for the whole 2 hours.

I could not sleep, the thoughts of hav­ing Jack as the ‘replace­ment’ does not seem right. Even though the feel­ing of us mak­ing love seems to be so intense, but that feel­ing of love isn’t there, at least not yet.

I would love to have a boy to myself, to pam­per and to be pam­pered. To have some­thing to talk to, to have some­thing to bul­ly and the most impor­tant, to have some­one to love. Is this all ever pos­si­ble? Will I ever get over it? No one knows.

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  1. You will find some­one bet­ter, just don’t force it. And once you find that per­son, you’ll slow­ly for­get your past and not hurt any­more. Trust me, and believe in your­self.

  2. Hel­lo there, Its a mat­ter of time and I blieve you will find the true per­son for you… You can get the spe­cial some­one…

  3. Hi, I have read through many of ur inter­est­ing post… and i feel u are quite a brave boy… I like this type of boy.. hehe… to be hon­est, i’m a per­son who like gay but not so sure whether i’m a gay or not… erm, can we be frd? I’m glad to have u as my frd… hehe.

  4. i enjoyed readin your blog. its dif­fer­ent from oth­ers. well find­ing the same feel­ing isn’t easy. well every­one had dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties. well i’ll that its bet­ter to move on

  5. I’m feel­ing the same way as you .Love and Sex is not the same .What i want is Love but all i get is Sex .Boyfrend and Sex­mate is diffrent .I always want­ed a broth­er .

    • @Jonathan Leong,

      Sex, love depend­ing on how you draw the line. Some peo­ple look at some­one’s pic­ture, thought that they fall in love, but appar­ent­ly that pic­ture was tak­en 10–15 years ago. Love then becomes sex, or worst, hate.

      Clas­sic case.

      So, what is love? What is sex? Is love always come before sex, or sex comes after love?