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Two posts in one week? That must be a record.

I was just wait­ing for my wash­er to com­plete it’s cycle.

Just back from work, tired. Think­ing of cook­ing some­thing light, but I had a piz­za for a late lunch; I still felt full.

Matt seems to be hav­ing some trou­ble with his work late­ly. I don’t know how to advise him, and per­haps I am afraid of some­thing else. He did men­tioned some­thing about com­ing to stay over at my place for that peri­od when he is look­ing for a new job. Then again, he did­n’t men­tioned about look­ing for a new job, yet.

I just don’t know what to think, and what to expect. Maybe I would wel­come him mov­ing in with me for that short peri­od. Maybe it might be a bur­den. But if he is my part­ner, how can this be a burden?

Per­haps I should hap­pi­ly accept that he is mov­ing on with his job, per­haps that stay­ing over would meant bet­ter for us.

Wash­er is done. Lets see when would be my next post be.

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