Happy Birthday, 2011

I do not know when, but when I last sent The Boy a one-sided short text mes­sage, I did not receive a deliv­ery report. No replies, no deliv­ery report, noth­ing. This was back in 2010.

A few days back, as I was brows­ing on my What­sapp, I saw a famil­iar num­ber that was on What­sapp. It was The Boy’s num­ber; I have kept his num­ber till date, not want­i­ng to remove it from my address book, not want­i­ng to remove him.

Iron­ic, I am still not able to get him on Face­book, he has just vanished.

I did, rather fre­quent­ly, dream about him. Var­i­ous­ly, about him hav­ing his stud­ies, about him being togeth­er with me again, but to no avail, I know these are just dreams and will prob­a­bly will not happen.

To know The Boy so much, and yet to know so lit­tle about him is just too tor­ment­ing. At times, I still tear myself to sleep, hop­ing that one day, he would call me.

I know it would prob­a­bly not hap­pen. I have yet to give up hope.

Hap­py 21st Birth­day, Boy.

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