Yen Kwang

It’s the hol­i­days now and Tom­my’s cousin came over from Penang to stay over at his place for the holidays.

I came to know about this when I met Tom­my’s uncle. He’s a friend­ly guy, treat­ing us beer and food almost every night. I can­not imag­ine how some­one can live like that just mere­ly just by gambling.

Any­ways, Tom­my and I make up this plan to try to get his cousin over to my house. We planned this for a while.

Final­ly the day came when my par­ents went off to Korea. Me and Tom­my want­ed him to stay over the night but he said wants to have a bas­ket­ball match ear­ly in the morn­ing. It was pret­ty impos­si­ble for him to stay over, but he can come over in the afternoon.

I agreed to that, giv­en the chance that my par­ents are not at home, it should be okay.

I went over to Tom­my’s house to pick him up. Actu­al­ly, Yen Kwang isn’t real­ly that cute, he looks like a nerd and his hair style is bad. Maybe this is because of the strict rules in the school that he is study­ing at.

Any­ways, he played some games on my note­book. My PC some­how slowed down and the sound card crapped the device play­ers. I hugged him from behind all the time, and slow­ly put my hand on his crotch.

He seems to be hard a lit­tle, while he was on the game, I gen­tly stroke his semi hard dick. He did not seemed that he cared, I asked him to stand up and I took out his shirt. Moments lat­er, I took off his pants.

He was hard then, I want­ed to suck it bad. There were a small bush, and it was quite long. His fore­skin could not retract.

I mas­tur­bat­ed him a while, while he is still sit­ting on the pil­low that I put on the floor. Play­ing Need For Speed Under­ground 2. He ejac­u­lat­ed with­out con­trol after I mas­tur­bat­ed him a while. He was sur­prised and I think got freaked out a bit as he thought he might have wet himself.

I turn on some movies for him, and he was ask­ing me all kinds of ques­tions. My guess is that he had not seen any of those movies before. He even told me he does­n’t know how or what is mas­tur­ba­tion. I moved him to lie on my bed, and I went down on him. He’s got a tight ass and even my fin­gers could not get in much.

I lube myself up, lying down beside him with him on his side, I tried to enter him. He was tensed up which I slow­ly guide my way in. He freaked out.

I got him down my bed, and bent him over my bed like dog­gy style. Only stand­ing up. I tried to enter again but he just refused to let me in.

He was get­ting a lit­tle annoyed and noisy, I had to stop. I turn him around, ask­ing him to get on his cloths. I showed him how I mas­tur­bat­ed while hug­ging him. The feel­ing was quite okay and I cummed on the floor. Sigh.

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