Who is the bully?

I don’t know about you but I am sick of hav­ing to live with the lies por­trayed by the local main stream media.

I mean, what hap­pened to free media? Why are there so many lies in it?

Were there so lit­tle peo­ple in the Bersih ral­ly? I was there, and with my own eyes, I could not see the end of the road. It is as mas­sive as a rave par­ty in Ams­ter­dam, no it is more mas­sive than a rave par­ty in Ams­ter­dam. That’s how huge it is.

First lie they ever told, was that they nev­er ‘attacked’ the hos­pi­tal. Either the Min­istry of Health is blind, or just in plain denial. There is an abun­dance of video footage, pho­tos of water can­nons aim­ing to the hos­pi­tal com­pounds. Of course, some­one said it was because of the wind that blew it over. Just like how tech­nol­o­gy increase the chances of being hit by an earth­quake and a tsuna­mi by Ros­mah, right?

Then of course there is that denial about exces­sive force. It is not the first time the Malaysian Police Force being on the news for being vio­lent, trig­ger hap­py and cov­er-ups. There was a footage of a civil­ian with a head injury, bleed­ing and only being cov­er by a cap by anoth­er police offi­cer. What was that?

A jour­nal­ist was being arrest­ed for doing his job, tak­ing pho­tos of pro­test­ers being arrest­ed, by force.

Tear gas being deployed on both ends of the ral­ly, trap­ping pro­test­ers in the mid­dle, no where to run.

What is the role of the Malaysian Police force if not to cre­ate harm and hav­oc to the peo­ple? Aren’t the police, the friend­ly neigh­bor­hood police that we grew up to believe and respect sup­posed to pro­tect us? Was there row­dy pro­test­ers attack­ing the police? I don’t see any. Was there the police hit­ting on the civil­ians, armed with noth­ing but water bot­tles? Aplenty.

So, who is the bul­ly now?

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