When I was a kid

Some­times I have this feel­ing that I do not know how should I handle.

When I was young, maybe 10 years old I went to this con­struct­ing apart­ment to play. No one was there, it was a good place to play hide and seek with my friends.

This day, we were there again, play­ing hide and seek. I was hid­ing in the far cor­ner of the base­ment, wait­ing and wait­ing to be caught.

The secu­ri­ty guard came. I was scared because I know I should not be there. Maybe he saw my facial expres­sion, he asked me to calm down. He then sit beside me and he had his hand on my crotch. I’m not mak­ing this up, his blardee hand is on my crotch!

He put his hand into my hands, run­ning my dick head and the skin around it. He played for quite a bit and then he turned me around, and took off my pants, mak­ing me lie down on the rock hard cement, my dick now sore, from rub­bing against the cold hard cement floor of the car park.

He lie on me, with his dick aim­ing for my vir­gin butt hole. He tried push­ing it in, hard­er each time and he would pull it out once a while and spit some sali­va on his hand to rub on his prick. The feel­ing of hav­ing his dick in my ass is now gone, some­times I feel horny about it, some­times anger. I do not remem­ber if I had felt pain when it hap­pened, or was it good? I do not know. I was only 10!

He stood up, and pull me up with him. Ask­ing me to sit beside him. It was over. I put my hand on his penis, it was wet, most like­ly wet from the semen residue from his orgasm since he was get­ting soft, and it was ooz­ing out from his piss hole. I hope he had a good time, because he just took the vir­gin­i­ty of my butt from me 🙁

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