Wednesday outing

It was a Wednes­day morn­ing. We had planned this for almost a week already; to go to Sin­ga­pore Tourism Board to find out all the infor­ma­tion that we need, both for stud­ies and work­ing in Singapore.

Of course, I have been hop­ing for this out­ing since a week ago when a friend helped me to con­vince L of the meet up. I know that it was some­thing awk­ward for L because he has been avoid­ing me for quite some time.

After the encounter with L 2 nights ago, things seems to be on the okay side.

So come Wednes­day morn­ing, we meet up at his place, and went to KL for break­fast. I did not want to have break­fast near his place for the fear of his fam­i­ly might be around the area. We parked our car in one of the malls in KL, and go on foot for the most of the day.

L need­ed to go to the wash­room, I told him that I will wait for him at Star­bucks, which I did. We sat there for a while to dis­cuss our plans for the day. Inter­net was not acces­si­ble at that time, so I called to a friend to check up some infor­ma­tion that I need­ed for me. I put my phone on my lap. When we left Star­bucks, I con­ve­nient­ly for­got that my phone was on my lap, and I left/dropped my phone at Starbucks.

L tried to call me again on the phone when we were in the wash­room on the way to our next des­ti­na­tion. L thought that I was miss­ing when he had missed me when we were in the wash­room. The call must have trig­gered some­one in Star­bucks to pick up the phone and kept it for him­self. Sev­er­al calls to my phone only to be unan­swered, so the phone was gone for­ev­er. I called to Max­is imme­di­ate­ly to sus­pend my line.

The whole ordeal did not just end that way. I was so frus­trat­ed with myself, that I felt that I have burnt L. Main­ly because I have nev­er lost a hand­phone before.

When we reached our des­ti­na­tion, we looked for every­thing that we need. We found more about accom­mo­da­tion and all, and every­thing seems to be good. The loca­tion of the hos­tel that L would be stay­ing is near­by the Insti­tu­tion that L is going to enroll as well. We then clar­i­fy about work­ing part time with stu­dent pass and etc. How­ev­er, most of the infor­ma­tion that we received are con­tra­dict­ing with each oth­er, there­fore we need fur­ther research in that.

After spend­ing almost 2 hours there, sketch­ing on the maps for ‘places of inter­est’, writ­ing down notes, we were final­ly done.

We walked across to one of the pre­mi­um malls in KL. Lux­u­ri­ous actu­al­ly. The last time I remem­bered going there which was also my very first time was with L. We just walked a bit and with the Christ­mas deco, it was nice. A lot of the shops are still not done yet, and this day, we saw the best that the mall has got to offer.

It was just walk­ing around the mall, but it was excit­ing for me because I had not been doing this with L for a very long time again. We also checked out the Ver­sace bag, and I can see L is real­ly lov­ing it. I am so going to buy that bag for him.

Then, I remem­bered that since we are in the area, we should head over to Max­is to get my line fixed, a new sim card. We dropped by KLCC to walk around, and this is when L saw the GA bag, but he refused to go in to have a look for the fear that he might not want to let go. I would esti­mate the price of the bag around the range of RM3000-RM4000. I am still in love with the Ver­sace bag, it was a tru­ly love at first sight.

We went to Machines, where I have told L that I would buy him a Mac­Book for his stud­ies. He tried every­thing out, the key­board and such. He was also plug­ging in his iPod Touch to the speak­ers to try them out. He was afraid that some­times when he was watch­ing movies on is iPod, he would acci­den­tal­ly walk away drag­ging the iPod along when try­ing to answer a call or some­thing. Then, these speak­ers were not build for iPod’s hor­i­zon­tal view­ing, which quite defies the pur­pose. Some of these speak­ers were good, some were just exor­bi­tant. This is how Apple Inc. earn mon­ey. By hav­ing all these iPod ready prod­uct in the mar­ket. Tru­ly a good mar­ket­ing strategy.

We went back to the oth­er mall again because of the traf­fic, and we were bored walk­ing at KLCC. We walk and walk and walk and just enjoy­ing each oth­er’s company.

Then, the unimag­in­able hap­pened. I burst out on L. It was a sim­ply thing, but I can just burst out like that. It was a sug­ges­tion that I gave to L. We were brows­ing some books in Times, and I saw that Sin­ga­pore has got a few nice camp sites, I told L that maybe we should try camp­ing out instead. He told me he was tired of camp­ing, which was total­ly con­tra­dict­ing when he said last cou­ple of months that he do not mind camp­ing out at Cameron when we get our plants for the ter­rar­i­um.

It went on until I sent L back, in which I have tried every­thing that I could to apol­o­gize. I promise him I will not burst out on him, nev­er ever again. It hurts, both L and me. Sigh. Why can’t I just be a lit­tle sen­si­tive sometimes?

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2 Responses to Wednesday outing

  1. Paul May 3, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    Aiks. Noth­ing worst these days than los­ing the phone dur­ing an outing.

  2. Cedric Ang May 4, 2008 at 2:39 pm #

    Yes, I agree. Then again, old one don’t go, new one won’t come.

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