Using a condom

Every now and then, I would post a con­dom review. Well I fig­ure, why post a con­dom review when some­times, peo­ple just do not know how to use one correctly ?

Getting a hard on

It is high­ly recom­mand­ed to wear the con­dom when your cock is hard. Nor­mal­ly this can be achieved by hav­ing your part­ner giv­ing you a oral, or some might call it a blowjob. I am not too sure about the terms because the action of blow­ing is not present, but rather the act of suck­ing on the flac­cid dick.

Opening wrapper

Once the hard­ness has been achieved it is time to go on to step 2, prepar­ing the con­dom. Open­ing the wrap­per requires cer­tain skills in order not to dam­age the con­dom that is inside. Nor­mal­ly one would tear near the edge of the wrap­per by the “teeth” of the edge. It is eas­i­er this way. Although using a pair of scis­sors would be eas­i­er espe­cial­ly when both your hands are oily but cau­tion must be prac­ticed so that the con­dom are not dam­aged by the sharp object.

Rolling it over

After deter­min­ing the direc­tions of the con­dom (rolling side out). Place it over the hard cock head, and remem­ber to pinch the extra air out before rolling the rest of the con­dom down. Remem­ber to pull back the fore­skin for those who are not circumcised.


The act of pinch­ing the tip to get rid of the air is very impor­tant in the con­dom wear­ing process. By hav­ing no air inside the con­dom, it is more com­fort­able for the receiv­er. Hold­ing the top, roll down the con­dom with the oth­er hand.


Start rolling the con­dom till it reach the base of your penis. Your part­ner might want to give it a suck or 2 depend­ing if the con­dom is lubri­cat­ed with sper­micite. Do not attempt to force your part­ner to suck on your cock with the con­dom on because not all peo­ple are fond of the latex smell.

After this step, you can start mak­ing love with your part­ner. I would pre­fer to smear it with a lit­tle more sil­i­con based lubri­cant. Some might pre­fer water based lubri­cant as it is less “oily” but I pre­fer the sil­i­con based as it is longer lasting.


After both of you ejac­u­late (what? you nev­er wait till your part­ner orgasm?), remem­ber to with­draw the con­dom by hold­ing the base of the con­dom and pull it out from there. Wrap it up with tis­sue paper and dis­pose it. Nev­er throw it down the toi­let, as the trapped air in the con­dom might keep the con­dom floating.

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4 Responses to Using a condom

  1. piju June 22, 2008 at 10:47 pm #

    nice tips dude hahaha

  2. Angela June 23, 2008 at 10:46 am #

    i like the illus­tra­tions! though i always thought you should­n’t flush con­doms to avoid clog­ging toilet.

  3. Cedric Ang June 22, 2008 at 11:53 pm #

    Thanks, and enjoy.

  4. Cedric Ang June 23, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    I strong­ly believe it is the oth­er­wise. I have flush more sol­id mate­ri­als in the toi­let, and no clog­ging hap­pens. I real­ly think that it is because the con­dom floats. =)

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