Traffic annoyance

You know some­times you see patrol cars stop ran­dom peo­ple by the road side, and then check on their IDs and stuffs. It makes me won­der what sort of ‘algo­rithm’ do the patrol car uses in order to iden­ti­fy you to be one that they can stop.

It is one of these days that I was stopped by a patrol car. I saw the patrol car fol­low­ing pret­ty close­ly, and I picked up speed a lit­tle. The patrol car did the same, and then over took me from the right, and sig­naled me to stop by the side.

I did.

One of the offi­cers told me to step out of the car, which I did.

He saw the stick­er that resem­blance their roy­al force’s, and they were ques­tion­ing me what was it all about. I showed them my let­ter, and they final­ly con­vinced. Even for a small mat­ter like this, it took them quite a fair bit of ‘judg­ment’.

Lat­er that night, when I was spend­ing a friend back after hav­ing din­ner togeth­er, I stum­bled upon a road block by the Road Trans­port Depart­ment (JPJ).

They stopped me, and I was pulled to the side. It was a mas­sive oper­a­tion where a lot of mod­i­fied Pro­tons and Per­o­d­ua was stopped. My Nis­san was the odd one, though. I pulled aside, and wait­ed for an offi­cer to approach me. A minute pass-by, and still no one. I reversed my car, engaged into first gear, and floored the accelerator.

No one chased me. I was prob­a­bly too fast.

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