I met Tom­my when he was still doing his Form 4. I can­not real­ly remem­ber how did I knew him but the first few years of friend­ship was quite okay.

He came to my house a few times, and once I remem­ber touch­ing him and he actu­al­ly allowed me to take off his pants and mas­tur­bat­ed for him.

It was around this year that Tom­my start­ed com­ing to my house again. He let me sucked him for a few times and then he hes­i­tant­ly fucked me back. The way he fucked is okay but there is this weird feel­ing. Maybe its because he is too used of hav­ing sex with his girl friend.

Last month or so, he gave me a call telling me that his girl friend is preg­nant. There is noth­ing I can real­ly do about it except that I asked him to go for the abor­tion. His girl friend refused.

I talked to him a bit, and final­ly he lis­tened to me and talk to his par­ents about it. I think he made a good choice doing that than try­ing to hide way with his girl friend, which will turn out to be a even worse situation.

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