To those that think I give a fuck

I do not under­stand why do you peo­ple think I give a fuck what you peo­ple think if L.

L is a sweet boy, call me igno­rant but I do not think that he is a mon­ey boy. Things between us did not work well, and I am try­ing to make things work, L too believes that things might work well between us, that is why there is this gap that both of us left our­self before the actu­al “breakup”.

Yes, we offi­cial­ly end­ed back in April, ear­li­er but I choose to ignore the details. To me, it nev­er end­ed back then because after that, we got back togeth­er, had loads of fun spend­ing time togeth­er, mak­ing love (mind you, not sex!) and just being in the pres­ence of each other.

I would offer to send him to col­lege, most prob­a­bly because I want­ed to spend more time togeth­er with the boy.

How­ev­er, I do not under­stand why peo­ple like to tell me what to do. Sure enough the boy had hurt me tremen­dous­ly, but think about it, that does not war­rant for me to for­get about the good things that the boy and me done together.

We had thought that we might be good togeth­er, but the atti­tude and the dif­fer­ent behav­iors of both of us proves otherwise.

Sure­ly I have spent a lot of mon­ey on the boy, but I know that the boy being togeth­er with me was­n’t because of that. The boy had no choice but to tell me that he want­ed to stay away from me, not because he do not love me any­more, but because of the predica­ment that he is in. He was unable to move on with­out think­ing about me, we were too deeply in love.

That gives me even more excuse not to for­get about the boy, the boy had left me for a rea­son, because I have threat­en him.

Now, for the peo­ple that keeps on telling me to for­get about the boy, well all I can say is, fuck off.

I do not need these, I do not need any­one to tell me to leave the boy because the boy is of no good to me. I want to keep the mem­o­ries, the good, and the bad togeth­er with me. I want to wait for the boy, whether he is open up again, or the slight chance of being togeth­er again.

Slim it might be, but love is some­thing no one can explain.


2 Responses to To those that think I give a fuck

  1. Justin October 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Hmmm.…LOVE.….. Im speechless =)

  2. william October 16, 2008 at 10:06 pm #

    Just ask those who keep on telling you this and that to fuck off… don’t they real­ized 3rd par­ties are not sup­pose to give com­ments on oth­er’s rela­tion­ship?? this is a world between both of you, nobody has the right to interfere.

    hey dude, i respect you for being so loyal 🙂

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