The Zoo Adventure

It came to me sud­den­ly, per­haps because I was a lit­tle horny; Have you ever thought of the excite­ment or plea­sure of hav­ing sex in pub­lic, or rather, hav­ing sex in a zoo?

It was a fan­tas­tic out­ing on that Sat­ur­day evening when we decid­ed to head over to the Zoo. The weath­er was just right, although it would be bet­ter if it was­n’t too humid. The sky seems a lit­tle gloomy that it felt like rain is going to fall right on our head soon.

Find­ing for the park­ing only leads us to the dead end. The park­ing area was so hideous that we missed it at the first glance.

Besides the noisy idiots that could not iden­ti­fy the male lions and the female lions, the zoo was qui­et. Birds are chirp­ing, the rat is enjoy­ing steal­ing food from the birds, the young deer over there is enjoy­ing the atten­tion that I am giving.

Whilst I was busy focus­ing my cam­era on that jun­gle cat, I felt a warm breath on my neck. Slow­ly, some­thing grabbed me from behind.

It was my dar­ling, the same per­son that I have been dat­ing with for sev­er­al months. He grabbed me from the back, cit­ing that the place is kin­da emp­ty. We exchange kiss­es, I kissed him on his sweaty neck, and it strike my sens­es into the new era.

Whilst I have tried hav­ing sex at var­i­ous undis­closed loca­tions, try­ing it in the zoo espe­cial­ly in the night safari is going to be the first. Nev­er had I had the thoughts of try­ing that.

First, we were at the place where they kept their camels. It was quite open air, and we can still see the slight hint of the evening sky slow­ly fad­ing into the dark­ness. Giv­ing him a kiss more pas­sion­ate­ly, I con­tin­ue south to his neck, and slow­ly mov­ing on to his nip­ples, giv­ing both of them a nice tick­lish lick with my tongue.

At that time, there was already a bulge build­ing inside both of our pants. A bulge that we bough could not deny. I un-zipped his pants, and bend down towards that bulge that is already build­ing a tent on his under pants. Sexy, I thought to myself. Pulling off his under­wear, I gave it a quick lick on the skin, slow­ly pulling the fore­skin down with my lips giv­ing me full access to his red cock head. It tast­ed so heav­en­ly. The hint of per­spi­ra­tion by his bush only height­ens the sen­sa­tion of giv­ing him that oral job that he needed.

We did all that with­out real­iz­ing the camel is actu­al­ly star­ing at us. Know­ing that camels spit when they are ner­vous (or horny) we quick­ly stop our acts, and look for a bet­ter place, with­out being exposed to the dan­gers of the animals.

We were at the place where they kept the chim­panzees. Well we had not seen any chimps around per­haps it was because it was too dark, or they were feed­ing some­where else. The boy dropped down his pants, still sport­ing that steel hard cock, com­mand­ed me to kneel down and work that hard cock of his. Duly to my ‘duties’ I respond­ed by giv­ing his scro­tum a good lick, slow­ly mov­ing up to his shaft, and then con­tin­ue my tongue-play on his cock head. He was moan­ing soft­ly, not too loud but gen­er­al­ly audi­ble. I too moan a bit whilst enjoy­ing the suck. That vibra­tion must have stirred and cause his cock to receive some vibrat­ing effects.

I bend him over, and slow­ly work on his love hole from the back. Per­spi­ra­tion was all over the place, but I did not mind. The boy moan loud­er when I stick my tongue deep­er, and deep­er. I hear him whis­per to me, “Fuck me, dear.”

Using sali­va as our lubri­cant, I slow­ly align my cock to that warm love hole of his, slow­ly push­ing it in. The amount of sali­va was just nice, the resis­tance was not too great, and it took is a lit­tle longer than usu­al to go in to the full length of my manhood.

We both start­ed moan­ing, the quiet­ness of the night was a lit­tle eerie, then we can hear some sound com­ing from the direc­tion of the cages where they house the chim­panzees. I guess they must be enjoy­ing our love mak­ing ses­sion, and per­haps they are mas­tur­bat­ing them­selves. grin

The ses­sion did not last as long as I want­ed to. Per­haps it was because the lack of the prop­er lubri­cant, I came. My dear came as well, almost in uni­son. We kissed each oth­er, and wore back our pants, and con­tin­ue to the amphithe­ater where they have their night shows…

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