The Saturday with Jason

Remem­ber Jason? That catch­ing eye can­dy that I saw in F&N Freestylz?


Well, on that faith­ful Sat­ur­day evening when every­one is busy shel­ter­ing the can­vas, I actu­al­ly met Jason in the loo. We were both at the uri­nal try­ing to ease ourself.


Jason parked him­self next to me. I was­n’t sure if my mind were play­ing tricks on me, but by the side of my eyes, I thought I saw Jason posi­tioned him­self in such a way that I have almost a full view of his un-zipped zipper.

I looked down to his direc­tion, then I looked up at him. Jason seem to be a lit­tle igno­rant of his sur­round­ings and my eyes doing a full scan on him. I thought I was just imag­in­ing things, until sud­den­ly Jason star­tled the qui­et loo with a soft moan. His hand was actu­al­ly hold­ing and stroking his already hard cock. His oth­er hand were play­ing with his balls.

We exchanged glance, and I sig­naled him that the cubi­cal is emp­ty. He sig­naled back in agree­ment, and we both went into the cubical.

I had bought a Love Box just a few moments ear­li­er, I nev­er thought that it would be used in such short notice. I nor­mal­ly had no chance of using a con­dom much much near­ing the con­dom’s lifespan.

We both agreed to use the slot­ted and dot­ted con­dom. Lubri­cant was scarce and we resort­ed to using our sali­va. Jason gave me a nice suck before he put the con­dom on for me, giv­ing me anoth­er suck to ensure that the con­dom is prop­er­ly in place.

Sport­ing a nice 5.5 inch hard-on, Jason is quite well build. Apart from what his shirt is hid­ing him from, he has got a thin lay­er of baby fat that is cov­er­ing his nice­ly toned abs. With a fetish of 6 packs, of course I bend down and lick it all around until I was satisfied.

His oral skills were as good as his looks. Every stroke of the tongue sends ‘plea­sur­ized’ shiv­ers down my spine. It was that good, that my legs almost gave way every sin­gle time he had my full 6 inch length down his throat.

HIs kiss was smooth and subtle.

Back in the cubi­cal, when he was suck­ing my cock, he was ask­ing me if I want­ed to fuck him. He said he liked my cock size, and admit­ted that he had nev­er had that much sex. He want­ed to try it bare­back; After that whole HIV test­ing episodes that I had not too long ago, I was afraid. I told him no, and he was sur­prised that I had TWO box­es of con­doms with me. I guess the tim­ing was just right.

He was real­ly tight, almost reject­ing the forced entry of my man­hood to his love hole. At some point, I was real­ly afraid that the con­dom might break because the lack of prop­er lubri­ca­tion. I was glad that his body did not take the much time to get used to the new found plea­sure, and soon our ses­sion became some­thing that both of us were expect­ing for.

Both of us were sweat­ing back in the cubi­cle. They real­ly should put some ven­ti­la­tion mech­a­nism in the wash­room. It was so humid and hot inside there, that any­one with a faster beat­ing heart could faint in there and bump their head into the urinals.

That aside, we depart­ed with an exchange of phone num­bers, promis­ing each oth­er that we will con­tin­ue to see each oth­er again, some­where in the very near future. That is where I got to know his name. Jason, how sweet the name sounds.

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4 Responses to The Saturday with Jason

  1. Superman June 23, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    No offense but is this sup­pose to be pri­vate? You had sto­ried it so detail…

  2. Cedric Ang June 23, 2008 at 4:27 pm #

    It is sup­posed to be in detail, oth­er­wise, what is the fun of writ­ting it down?

  3. Queer Ranter June 23, 2008 at 5:04 pm #

    Ah yes. That boy. Adorable. Very adorable.

  4. Cedric Ang June 23, 2008 at 5:08 pm #

    Yes, the same boy that you talked with. His sweet voice, I can still hear it echo behind my mind.

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