The Ikea outing

I guess me and David got even clos­er after that day of meet­ing him.

David is a shy but dar­ing boy. He loves get­ting loved, and loves loi­ter­ing in shop­ping com­plex. He called me and asked if I was free to bring him around.

We want­ed to get our­self to Pavil­ion, but did not quite make it thanks to the gloom­ing rain, and the for­ev­er hav­oc traf­fic. It was almost impos­si­ble to get to Pavilion.

We took a big U‑turn and tried to head our way back to Pavil­ion. Instead, I took the wrong turn, and end­ed up on Fed­er­al High­way. With no choice to be made, we head over to Ikea for that lunch that both of us were crav­ing for.

I took the Ikea meat­balls, one of my all time favorite dish in Ikea Café. 

Ikea Meat Balls

David ordered the Chick­en dish, I for­got to take pic­ture of that so I post a Salmon dish that I had with the boy last time. HEHEH

Princess Tart with Salmon dish

We both endulged our­self with Daim Cake, and the new Cheese Cake. It has been quite some time that I have not been to Ikea for food. I guess, ever since I have broke up with the boy, and the place brings back the memories.

Daim Cake

David want­ed to try out some pants. We walked over to The Curve to check out what they have to offer. I must admit, that look­ing for a pair of short pants is real­ly hard for the waist size of 28!

Giv­ing up, we just walked around, peo­ple watch­ing as David put it. The crowd was still okay, with the week­end street bazaar.

Time flies when you are with some­one that you real­ly like. It was almost mid­night when I sent David back. I guess, we were both tired, but it was a real­ly good out­ing togeth­er. We seems to have found the part where we could under­stand each oth­er, although I would still pre­fer to have a Eng­lish speak­ing boy friend.

I guess, some­times one can­not be so picky, no?

Oh, while we were hav­ing our lunch, I thought I saw some­one famil­iar. So I dialed his num­ber, and he did not answer. I thought I saw the wrong per­son. He called back instead. Hel­lo there Medie007. Dat­ing huh ?

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2 Responses to The Ikea outing

  1. Medie April 23, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    did­n’t know would see u there. 🙂

    but it’s good to know you still remem­ber me. thought u’ve gone miss­ing or some­thing. i bare­ly remem­bered your blog still exists! LOL.

    was there with friend la. someone. 😛

    • Cedric Ang April 24, 2009 at 1:38 pm #


      Evil guy, how can you not remem­ber me after the good days of us together?

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