The Allah issue

It is always weird that I can only find time to write when I am being strapped on a chair.

Right now, I am about 5,000 feet above sea lev­el enroute to Kuala Lumpur from Bali, Indone­sia. I can’t move because I am at the win­dow seat, and there is noth­ing to see out­side beside some lights, per­haps from Sin­ga­pore or something.

I had a chance to catch the Sun­day ser­vice when I was in Bali. Despite hav­ing a great night out at Kla­pa with Max Glaz­er, I was real­ly well awake dur­ing worship.

Allah? Isn’t that what they say is the ‘prop­er­ty’ of Islam, and no one but the mus­lims can use it? It was a famil­iar song that I know, but it was sang in Bahasa Indone­sia, with Allah the only word that I under­stand; is this the Allah the Allah that I know? Or did I just hear some­thing wrongly.

You see, back in Malaysia, some­one could have been behead­ed if was found using the word Allah. Well, not that bad but at least some­one decid­ed that it was cool to torch down some church, to show that Allah belongs to them.

Some went over the extreme, per­haps to cre­ate some ten­sion between the Chris­tians, and torch some suraus. They could not reach the mosque, because those places would have been heav­i­ly guard­ed, no?

Human beings are always like that, I felt. Why are we so fast in claim­ing some cer­tain prop­er­ties as being ours when it is a well known fact that it isn’t?

I don’t understand.

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2 Responses to The Allah issue

  1. fufu February 1, 2010 at 8:22 am #

    insyal­lah every­thing will be fine soon­er… not it gonna be alright!!

  2. ++Chris++ February 15, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Heeloo, just came back home from Bali? heh heh Ya I also heard the issue of Church­es burned down in Malaysia because the use of word Allah. Phew, that’s just some rad­i­cals who does­n’t want to see us live in peace and tol­er­ance between one anoth­er. Keep faithful 🙂

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