That Lasting Relationship

How many of us actu­al­ly wish to have a long last­ing relationship?

From that time when I met Nel­son to the time when Milo final­ly came to my life, it has been a roller coast­er ride. Then came Ash­ton and then Julian. All with­in that short 6 months period.

Am I a play boy as some would label me? Or am I just search­ing fran­ti­cal­ly for that some­one to love?

When I was with Nel­son, it became so unsta­ble that we find faults with each oth­er. When Nel­son got sick, he blamed me.

It was then I met with Ash­ton, a boy that I have met a cou­ple of years back.

It was­n’t a rela­tion­ship back then, but we both agree to try it out, for old times sake.

It did­n’t work, only last­ed for a few months and we decid­ed to just be friends.

Then I met Julian, whom I have been hav­ing on and off con­ver­sa­tion since a year ago. He met into some finan­cial issue and I am not will­ing to help because of the past expe­ri­ence that I had. He ignores me very fre­quent­ly and it seems he is only using me for his own benefits.

What should I do now?

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