Temporary Outage: Update

Ever since the oth­er day’s out­age I final­ly decid­ed to upgrade my host­ing plans.

Well, for one, I had hat­ed the web­host’s sup­port. They seem like do not know what are they doing, or at least I thought so.

The site was down for almost 24 hours, sup­port request was shoot­ing back and forth. The sup­port blamed me for not using their Name Serv­er, I told them I had point­ed it cor­rect­ly to the right serv­er using A records, and that they have changed the servers with­out informing.

Then, I tried to login to the serv­er using the new IP address. To my dis­gust, there were no data in my account. No web files, no images, my con­trol pan­el is gone, the data­base is gone, every­thing, zilch!

So I sent them anoth­er angry and frus­trat­ed email say­ing that they have migrat­ed my account with­out telling me, and that they had migrat­ed my account with­out the actu­al data in it.

A cou­ple of more hours lat­er, my data was in the account. How­ev­er, it was stale data, 2 days old. I guess they have already removed my data files, and replaced it with the back­ups that they have. Bad moves.

Told a friend about my prob­lems. He sug­gest­ed that it is prob­a­bly a good time to move to a paid host. I mean, with all the issues, and prob­lems I thought, why not?

I have left the host­ing scene for a very long time, long enough to actu­al­ly get out­dat­ed of the ‘scene’.

Do you know that nowa­days, peo­ple actu­al­ly opt for VPS instead? And that a Vir­tu­al Pri­vate serv­er is so afford­able, it’s com­pa­ra­ble with a nor­mal web­host­ing like 2 years ago?

I sign up for it. I set up the serv­er, fine tun­ing and tweak­ing it a lit­tle and now I am back to business.

Although there are some minor things that needs to be sort­ed out, I am hap­py with my VPS now.

Well, the rea­son why I choose to use a VPS is because I want­ed more con­trol. Sure some web­host­ing are giv­ing out at much more cheap­er price, but at this price that I am pay­ing, it is well well worth it.

To fur­ther rant about my pre­vi­ous web­host, they had promise a US$5 for each refer­ral that I refer to them. I have checked on my list, and I had at least 200+ refer­rals that had signed up. They had a great sell­ing point, free host­ing, almost free band­width, no string attached.

But then, they cheat­ed what I had ‘earned’. They delayed my pay­ment which they said was some tech­ni­cal issue. They promised that they will set­tle it by April. When May came, still no news from them despite sev­er­al emails ask­ing them what is wrong (in a good polite way); my email was nev­er replied. Then when I check again in late July, all my refer­rals that had signed up had van­ished. I guess they too can’t put up with the sucky service.

Like they said, good things nev­er come free. I did not believe that at first because my expe­ri­ence with them was pret­ty good. Then again, the inci­dent that had hap­pened the past few days had make me want to take my words back. They are just a dis­as­ter wait­ing to happen.

If you come across any host­ing offered by 000Webhost.com, don’t be both­ered. That is my pre­vi­ous web­host. No link love from me, of course.

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