Staying ahead with Blackberry Torch and Celcom

I love writ­ing, I real­ly do.

It could be some­thing that I saw on the street while I was walk­ing that trig­gered a sweet mem­o­ry about some­one, it could be a sud­den idea that I have thought of doing or it could be that ran­dom moment that I want to write something.

Most of these times, I had always wished that I have my Mac­book Pro with me so that I could ‘pen’ these thoughts down.

I have smart­phones. Two of them and I love both of them. Very often, I do not bring both of them out togeth­er because I think it is a has­sle. I like the touch screen on my iPhone 4, and I love the key­pad on my Black­ber­ry Bold 2.

It was a very hard deci­sion to make when pur­chas­ing the device. I first got myself an iPhone, for the pur­pose of updat­ing my blog, and tweet­ing. When I got the iPhone, I did­n’t liked it and I want­ed the Black­ber­ry’s key­pad. That too, when I had it, wish I was typ­ing on a mul­ti-touch screen instead.

Then it came, in shiny armor; like a prince.

The Black­ber­ry Torch 9800.

If you have not heard, Cel­com Black­ber­ry Torch launch that they run recent­ly sold the Torch for RM8. Yes, eight freak­ing bucks to the first 10 lucky signups. I could not believe it until I actu­al­ly saw my Twit­ter time­line that some­one actu­al­ly bought 1 of the device.

Now, with the full 3.2 inch touch screen and a Black­ber­ry key­board, I have no more excus­es not writ­ing or updat­ing my Twitter.

This post was writ­ten entire­ly on my Black­ber­ry Bold with Cel­com Exec.

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