Shitty Feeling

I still can’t sleep. Still think­ing about the con­se­quences of Chan Lil­ian plugged my blog.

Even ear­li­er when my dar­ling came over to my place, we had not make much love. Rea­son being, I don’t have the mood to do it.

I love my boy friend, I real­ly love him much.

He real­ly tried to cheer me up, lying down on my half naked body. He tried to hug me, giv­ing me the com­fort that I want­ed so much; my mind still could not get away from what had hap­pened. I told my dear about the whole sto­ry and he assured me that things will die down even­tu­al­ly. I was­n’t so convinced.

Dear had been a good boy today, kiss­ing me all over, caress­ing me all over. I love it when he does that to me at night, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the time when we are in the rain­ing sea­son. The weath­er is so darn nice that I would just want to hug him from behind and not want to let go.

Dear insist that we relax. He gave a few sug­ges­tion. In the mean time, he was mak­ing me horny.

He hugged me from behind; I could feel that he is get­ting a bon­er already. I gave him a grin, and took off his box­ers that is ever­ly so sexy.

He hugged me so tight­ly from behind, kiss­ing the back of my neck, and slow­ly guid­ed his already hard dick into my hole. I could feel the pinch of pain surg­ing into my sub­con­scious mind, turn­ing it into plea­sure. I espe­cial­ly love it when I could feel his fore­skin caress­ing my anus, we were once again, two into one.

Our love mak­ing ses­sion last­ed till now, from 9 when I lied down on my bed. We are all exhaust­ed but I just could not sleep. I could still feel my dear’s love juice inside me, the feel­ing that I love ever since I have decid­ed that I am a bisexual.

Sleep tight my dear, I will join you short­ly; after I have think of a way to get rid of these sucky feel­ings that I have in my mind right now.

2 Responses to Shitty Feeling

  1. Fox chai December 4, 2007 at 4:02 pm #

    haha­ha i know how ur bf felt… coz last time i used to do that to my dear also and i like to do that too… hahahaha

  2. Cedric Ang December 5, 2007 at 6:18 pm #

    Hav­ing to do that is the great­est thing of all. I still miss him, though.

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