I have heard about Kelvin Hew that he has got a pret­ty cute boy right now. Rumours said that he has got him­self a so so one so that this boy would not run away again like the rest.

Now what I do not like about Kelvin, is his, I don’t know. Ego?

Years before, I met him online, I don’t real­ly remem­ber how but we met one day when he came over to my house. He told me that I took his vir­gin­i­ty on that day. We met a cou­ple of times after that and had some fun. He suck quite good and every time I can say that I use him as my sex toy. Fuck­ing him and mak­ing him suck me and then leave him alone masturbating.

The thing that I don’t like about him is after I fin­ished myself, he will insist on mas­tur­bat­ing him­self and often real hard and rocks the whole bed. He will then go to the wash­room and clean him­self, and a few times, stalk naked.

He smokes, he lies and always an ass­hole. He always tries to take some­thing from me.

I met a boy that I did not know had a rela­tion with Kelvin. This boy, Edi­son is cute. Small in size, and with a real­ly cute voice. He’s a drop out from school, and he always use me as his sex­u­al exhaust, which I glad­ly com­ply because of his cute looks and the way he talks. Some­how I got to know that Kelvin and Edi­son were both part­ners before. Edi­son was quite pissed to find out that Kelvin did not both­er to cel­e­brate his birth­day with him and went to cel­e­brate Christ­mas with oth­er friends.

Chung on the oth­er hand, is my pet broth­er. I met him on facepar­ty and he too is Kelv­in’s part­ner once. It seems like a small world. Chung relate to me how did Shinya “stole” Kelvin from him, and how much he hat­ed Shinya. Chung relate to me on how Kelvin use to cheat on peo­ple by offer­ing sex. Some­times when he needs to go some­where, he will offer sex and in return gets a ride. How cheap of Kelvin.

I final­ly found Shinya on facepar­ty. Togeth­er with a nice pic­ture of Kelvin hug­ging him and Eddy. (Eddy is anoth­er boy that I know that was quite okay on bed. Hehe)

I talked with Shinya as a 15 y/o boy, I guess I screwed up when I told him that I know Kelvin and all his bad things, I did how­ev­er try to fix things up but it seems that he might have found out, and since Kelvin knows the 15 y/o boy, I guess Shinya must have told him.

Maybe I can try anoth­er way. No mat­ter what, I will want to get Shinya, and if i can’t, I will still make Kelv­in’s life miserable.

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